Monday, November 7, 2011

In the beginning . . .

This is my very first blog ever.  In my life, and particularly in the past year, I have had a series of life events that have led to me feeling the need to share these experiences with others in the hope that, I, somehow can help others as they relate to my story.  One of these life events could be seen as catastrophic and life devastating, but in a curious way, it has transformed into something that has become life affirming.
As I get further into my stories and experiences I will be sharing personal views, ideas, philosophies and concepts.  If you have the interest in reading what I write I simply ask you to suspend judgement and to read it with an open mind, in much the same manner as I have struggled with and overcome my own inclination to judgement through much introspection, contemplation, and no small amount of suffering.
I have evolved to become a deeply spiritual person, with an unshakable belief in a Divine creative force that animates, supports and includes all things, but I do not adhere to any one type of traditional religious faith.  If I had to define my belief system it would be in alignment with Buddhism with its emphasis on compassion, contemplation, meditation and reincarnation, more than any other.  It is my most sincere wish that all who enter here will have a moving, enlightening, and perhaps inspirational dialogue with me and our Source.  And if you happen to detect a level of insincerity, egotism, or BS in my writings, I invite your comments!!!
Namaste. . . .